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August 14, 2012
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RlubberDubber2 Metacity by kant-o RlubberDubber2 Metacity by kant-o
This is a just a slightly reworked version of the RlubberDubber metacity theme. It has smoother gradients and the titlebar of the maximized windows has the same thickness as the non-maximized ones. Some tweaks were made to the edges also.

The previous version of the theme (with the thinner titlebar) can be found here: [link]

Feel free to change or improve the themes at your will.

To install:
1st. Download and unzip the contents of the .zip file to the /usr/share/themes/ folder (you will need super user priviledges for this);
2nd. use the Gnome Tweak Tool (Gnome3) to select the Windows - Current Theme (choose RlubberDubber2); or use the Appearance Settings of Gnome2 to choose the window borders.
Notice that gnome-shell will need to be restarted for the new window borders to appear.
For that, press Alt+F2, write r and hit enter.

Assuming you have wget and unzip on your system, you may also try the following commands to install the theme:
sudo cp -r RlubberDubber2/ /usr/share/themes/
rm -r RlubberDubber2/

For gnome3, do the following additional steps:
1st. open gnome-tweak-tool (select RlubberDubber2 in the Themes - Window Theme option)
Press Alt+F2, write r, and hit enter.

For gnome2, go to the appearance settings and change the window borders of the current theme. No need to restart anything.

As for the screenshots:
The upper part of the above figure has a screenshot taken when I was using MiditerraneanLight and the one on the bottom was taken when using Adwaita Dark. Both wallpapers can be found on
The screenshot on the bottom has a custom conky running for obtaining the effect of the wallpaper clock.
I'm using gnome 3.4 on a Arch Linux machine.
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mmesantos1 Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Beautiful work Kant-o! Thank you for the great work. :-)
Thanks. I appreciate it!
mmesantos1 Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Your very welcome. :-)
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